Decoy: LHC Horror Film

Finally finished watching the movie Decoy produced by group of physics PhD students of LHC and without a doubt I loved it. For a independent film it looks very much professional and from scientific point of view; way much better than other so-called science films. A must watch film.  For more check their websiteHD downloads or Youtube. I won’t spoil the film for anyone interested in watching but the film has scenes which shows LHC in new light.

Secondly, for those interested in non-fiction goodies check  Colliding Particles. It is a series of films following research in particle physics at the LHC

Finally Quantum Diaries has new post Advent Calendar 2012 December 7th which is about “spins”; Aidan Randle-Conde thinks that there is misunderstanding regarding the very term “spin”, the accompanying comments are also worth noting.


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