Around the web

  • A nice and beautiful article titled ‘Why Quantum mechanics has to be complex and linear…‘ by Luboš Pilsen, a Czech Physicist. It is a must read for everyone
  • People from the Institute for Quantum Information and Mattter @ Caltech, now have a blog : Quantum Frontiers. The blog already has some excellent articles like ‘How to build a teleportation machine: Intro to qubits
  • There’s an interview with CERN Director here.
  • The ATLAS Collaboration at LHC have released series of papers here. Apparently there is no deviation from Standard Model, I think.
  • Two more collaborators CDF and D0 from Tevatron at Fermilab have combined data of their searches for Higgs Boson and have reported evidence of new particle. For full report check here.

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