Resources for Quantum Information Science

In February, I had submitted and later presented my paper titled ‘Quantum Computers: Future of Computing’ for the 8th National Conference in Advances in Management and Information Technology for students under the track ‘Future Computing’.

My reason for choosing Quantum was mostly due to my strong interest in the fundamental questions that puzzle natural sciences today. While reading physics texts, I noticed the emerging field of experimental quantum information science and could not help but be very much fascinated by it. In this post I wish to share some of the excellent resources though which I have learned much about Quantum Information Science.

Before anything, I highly recommend everyone to read this, quite old, article titled ‘Quantum Computing Promises New Insights, Not Just Supermachineswritten by MIT’s Scott Aaronson, who works with the physics of quantum computing.

Caging Schrödinger’s Cat – Quantum Nanotechnology

by Oxford University


Weird new possibilities emerge as we explore the nanoworld, the universe at the length scale of a billionth of a metre. Here the theory of quantum mechanics bewilders our everyday common sense, as Erwin Schrödinger famously expressed when he imagined a cat that was both dead and alive at the same time! Now Dr Simon Benjamin shows us how experts in physics, chemistry and materials science are working together to harness this strange reality. Underlying their research is the promise of building what may be the most exotic and powerful technology ever conceived: the quantum computer.


And finally be sure to check this wiki contains tons of valuable information in Quantum Information Science. The wiki also contains updates about the recent workshops and summer/winter schools. In coming days I will be completing the list of books I have been through.


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